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bolttech helps you to offer more and innovate fast, right across the insurance value chain

By providing relevant protection and insurance in the context of your products and your brand, we complement your existing business offering, deepen your customer relationships, and can turn one-time sales into repeatable revenue streams.

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leading brands around the world

We work with all kinds of businesses to help your customers get protected

  • Telecommunications


    We help you to offer value-add products at just the right time. Offer device protection at the point of sale, online or instore. We can also use advanced analytics to identify when a customer is at the airport to trigger and alert for travel insurance. Or we can work with you to offer home insurance when a new home broadband is set up.

    Check out our case study:

  • e-wallets


    As a popular digital destination, maximise your regular customer interactions and expand your user’s experience with an insurance offering. Our customer journeys are as quick and easy as your own.

    Check out our case study:

  • e-commerce


    Help your customers protect their purchases by adding insurance at checkout. By connecting to our simple APIs, you can get going fast.

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Your customers already know and trust you. Now deepen those relationships by providing the best possible choice of insurance - from home, auto or business.

  • Insurance


    Offer more products without taking on more risk. Leverage the brand equity you’ve built up simply by providing a broader range of products and become a one-stop-shop for customers.

  • Retailers


    Drive customer stickiness and basket size. Leverage your point of sale, customer loyalty plans and other touchpoints to add the right kind of insurance for your brand.

  • Consumer lending
    and finance

    Consumer lending
    and finance

    We offer a range of modern, complementary products to add protection to your customer journeys, providing more peace of mind for your customers and their finances.

  • Electronics


    We help electronics manufacturers and retailers provide point-of-sale value-add protection products and support the end-to-end logistics – whether that’s adding more value to a customer care programme or simply protecting a new purchase.

  • Hearing aids and eyewear

    Hearing aids and eyewear

    We offer a comprehensive range of insurance products for hearing aids and glasses, with a seamless and integrated point-of-sale journey. With full visibility of the entire customer experience, the audiologist or optician is able to provide high quality service for their customers.

  • Everyone else

    Everyone else

    If you can’t find your industry, don’t worry. We can help any kind of business “just add insurance”.

Hear from our partners

Partnering with bolttech has given us access to a breadth of insurance product categories with one single API... more service as a leading super app.

This has allowed Rabbit LINE Pay to maintain its strength in the industry and offer customers more service as the super app.

Victor Thoo
CEO, Rabbit LINE Pay

We’re excited to strengthen our partnership with bolttech to meet our customers’ technology needs.

WINDTRE wants to bring people closer through technology, supporting them every day in the challenges of the present, in line with our Human Network Builder positioning. We look forward to bringing our customers more innovative protection products together.

Tommaso Vitali
B2C Marketing Director, WINDTRE

bolttech enables MoneyBack to offer our members a range of insurance products to get them covered quickly and easily.

Both MoneyBack and bolttech are customer-obsessed and together we have gone the extra mile by offering exclusive member offers – for example, we’ve given away a free COVID-19 vaccine plan and MoneyBack points reward to all MoneyBack members who shop on bolttech’s platform, from home or domestic helper insurance to device protection.

As the most scalable customer loyalty programme in Hong Kong, MoneyBack is in touch with 3.7 million members and bolttech is an ideal partner to offer a unique and differentiated campaign, bringing better value for our customers.

Mandy Ng
Customer Director, MoneyBack

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