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bolttech digitally transforms customer support with AWS

The fast-growing international insurtech will migrate all support centers to AWS, unifying voice, email, and chat platforms with a seamless experience for millions of insurance customers while achieving 40% cost savings

SINGAPORE — September 1, 2022 — Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, today announced international insurtech bolttech has built a new customer support platform on AWS to enhance services for more than eight million customers in 30 markets globally. Singapore-based bolttech connects insurers, distributors, and customers to make it easier to buy and sell insurance. As part of their digital transformation, bolttech is migrating the information technology (IT) infrastructure for 26 support centers to AWS by the end of 2022, and expects to further expand to other countries in the near future. bolttech will enhance its customer service and reduce average customer servicing times using the breadth and depth of AWS capabilities, including machine learning and analytics to gather insights from real-time caller data such as customer sentiment. By building on AWS, bolttech can easily add new business partners to its customer support platform in less than five days, quickly launch new customer channels like chatbots, and reduce infrastructure costs by 40%.

bolttech selected Amazon Connect, an easy-to-use, scalable cloud contact center service, and built a custom user interface (UI) that incorporates various support touchpoints in a single platform that handles inquiries across multiple countries. With Amazon Connect, bolttech can now introduce new customer services in additional countries in as little as 15 days, making the process faster and more scalable. With AWS’s global infrastructure, including AWS Asia Pacific Regions in Singapore, Osaka, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, bolttech can comply with local data residency preferences while benefitting from ultra-low latency.

bolttech will also deploy Amazon Polly and Amazon Lex in the further build out of their Amazon Connect implementation. These machine learning services are designed to convert speech to text and text to speech, helping customer support teams quickly configure and deploy announcements and campaigns on the go. bolttech is also undertaking a proof of concept (POC) for Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, a feature that helps follow the sentiment and trends of customer conversations in real time to identify company and product feedback. In using AWS, bolttech has developed an in-house solution to provide customer support teams a complete view of the customer’s historical interactions at the start of a conversation, email, or chat. This provides a holistic view of a customer’s current and past purchases, providing a more tailored customer experience and reducing the time it takes to solve queries.

“AWS unifies our voice, email, and chat platforms, giving customers a seamless service experience across their channels of preference,” said David Lynch, group chief technology officer at bolttech. “Using advanced AWS cloud capabilities like machine learning, analytics, and cloud-based contact center services, we are well-positioned to quickly launch innovative customer services globally while taking our user experience to the next level.”

“Insurance companies worldwide are digitizing traditional operations with advanced technology in order to meet increased consumer expectations for convenience, speed, and the highest levels of security. Bolttech is a modern and customer-centric insurtech leader placing their customers at the centre of what they do, leveraging Amazon Connect and advanced services like Amazon Polly and Amazon Lex to build an in-house platform offering best-in-class customer experience with the highest levels of compliance. Working together, AWS enables bolttech to deliver a differentiated competitive advantage scaling across its global customer base. Bolttech is a role model for leveraging cloud technology to expand into new markets rapidly, and our teams are excited to continue to support bolttech’s bold vision,” said Pete Murray, Head of FSI, ASEAN at AWS.


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