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NTT Data interview with our Group Chief Strategy Officer and CEO -Insurance Solutions Stephan Tan


Our Group Chief Strategy Officer and CEO - Insurance Solutions Stephan Tan was a key contributor to the annual NTT Data 2024 Global Outlook Report.

The report explores the intricate dynamics of the industry as market players navigate through the three waves of innovation reshaping the sector. From disruptive technologies to transformative business models, the report uncovers the key drivers behind each wave and their impact on the insurance landscape.

Stephan shared insights around the evolving insurtech ecosystem and highlights how digital platforms and connected insurance are redefining the landscape. From bolttech’s perspective, enablement and collaboration are key to the future of the insurance industry.

Commenting on bolttech's strategic approach, Stephan said: “We aspire to be the go-to platform for anyone looking to sell insurance, globally. Our strategy revolves around a combination of soft skills, regulatory expertise, technological innovation, and a bold vision for the future. This multifaceted approach positions us to enable global insurance landscape from the outset.”

Read the full report here:

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