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Board Intelligence interview with our Group Chief Financial Officer Romaney O'Malley


In this interview with Board Intelligence, our Group Chief Financial Officer Romaney O'Malley shared her thoughts on how the CFO plays a pivotal role in transformation projects, and how non-financial metrics and data can empower leaders in the decision-making process.

"It really comes down to having a clear understanding of what the transformation’s outcomes will be and its objectives – is it going to help drive us forward? Is it going to make our customers and distribution partners happier? If we understand transformations as investments that look to achieve these outcomes, then the CFO has a very natural role to play in deciding which projects to pursue and what the trade-off decisions are," she said.

Romaney also discussed the risks and opportunities posed by rapid advances in AI, and the steps bolttech is taking to use and develop AI and other emerging technologies in a responsible manner.

Read the full interview here:

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