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bolttech enters Ireland partnering with Three Ireland

The launch takes bolttech to 14 markets around the world

Singapore/ Hong Kong, 3 December 2020 – Growing insurtech group bolttech announced today its expansion into Ireland through its device protection partnership with Three Ireland, one of the country’s leading mobile telecommunications operators, and CKH Innovations Opportunities Development. The partnership brings bolttech’s innovative device switch programme to Three’s SIM only customers across the country through the switch service ‘3PhoneSwap’, the first non-insurance switch programme in the country.

bolttech's entry into Ireland marks the business’ 14th market across three continents, with its device protection offering now present in Ireland, Italy and Austria in Europe, and Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea in Asia.

Rob Schimek, Group Chief Executive Officer at bolttech, said, “The appetite for device protection continues to grow around the world, reflecting customers’ growing need to protect their digital lifestyles from disruption. Ireland is an exciting and innovative market for our business, and I’m pleased that our partnership with Three Ireland will allow us to bring customers new ways to protect the technology at the centre of their lives.”

David Ward, Head of New Products & Propositions at Three Ireland said, “Keeping our customers connected is our priority at Three. We know how crucial mobile devices are and we’re pleased to partner with bolttech to introduce Ireland’s first mobile phone switch service to our customers. This convenient service is exclusively available to our SIM only customers both in-store and online; customers can sign-up conveniently from the comfort of their homes and get their swapped devices delivered to their location in just a few clicks.”

‘3PhoneSwap’ empowers customers to switch their mobile devices for whatever reason – even to a different device or colour – with no exclusions, up to two times a year.

Andrew Cons, General Manager for Europe at bolttech, said, “We are proud to partner with Three Ireland to offer our seamless switch programme to protect customers’ digital lifestyles, and we look forward to revolutionising mobile device protection for local customers.”

Joe Parker, CEO of CKH Innovations Opportunities Development said, “CKH IOD is very pleased to announce the new 3PhoneSwap product launch with Three Ireland. This is a market first and brings flexibility and peace of mind to Three Ireland customers giving them the possibility to conveniently and quickly switch out their device for any reason. We are proud to achieve this new key milestone in our successful global collaboration with bolttech aiming to deliver a full suite of innovative digital insurance and device protection products for our customers’ benefit.”

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