Insurtech Exchange

Multiplying opportunities for everyone.

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It takes effort and investment to acquire customers and deepen relationships.

Our insurtech exchange means you can say ‘yes’ more. It connects you to an insurance ecosystem for every kind of protection a customer might need, from travel, motor or property, to life insurance.

It means that if a customer asks you for something you don’t already offer, you can seamlessly connect them to best-in-class products from across the market. And if you are an insurer, we can make your products available through our ecosystem of partner channels.

All of which increases your opportunities, and your revenue.

We offer insurtech exchange to partners as both SaaS (software-as-a-service) and digital brokerage.

policies sold in 2020
premium in-force in the U.S.
as of December 2020
insurance product providers

We work with some of the biggest names globally.

Our insurtech exchange lets you:

Access a broad and growing shelf of products
Find the best quote by answering a few simple questions
Compare products easily across coverage options
Provide seamless ePolicy fulfilment via email/SMS